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My heart is to teach the Gospel faithfully in all of its glorious simplicity and complexity; that students who know Jesus would persevere and press in further and those who don't would come face to face with him in his Word. 

John Arensdorf


Current Classes





I have taught Chapel at Extraordinary Education for four years.


Bachelor's Degree

Sam Houston State University           Bachelor of Music in Music Composition                              

Fun Fact(s)

I've been to England 3 times and can't wait to go back for another visit! 


I was born in California, but we found our way through Wisconsin to Texas before I was even in grade school, so this is home for me. I met the Lord and knew him from an early age, but he was gracious to reveal himself to me in an unmistakable encounter in college. In 2014, after going into ministry in the local church, I met my wife; we were married in January, 2017 and now have a wonderful son together. She is so gracious and such a gift from the Lord. I know that God is at work in and around our lives, and my hope is that we can participate in some way in what he is doing. 

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