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Stacy Shilling

I started homeschooling my children when my daughter was in 5th grade and as my son entered 4th grade.  I saw them thrive in subjects that they had lagged behind in public school.  I have taught US/World history at Kingwood High School for 4 years; World History (team leader) at Tomball High School for 4 years;  Junior High/High School US/World History/Bible at the Lighthouse Homeschool for 2 years; Junior High/High School US/World History at EE for 5 years and privately taught homeschool kids out of my house for 3 years.  I am currently teaching World History AP and Bible at the Woodlands Christian Academy, my first private school teaching experience.  I love to share my love of history with students.  I have been on the EE board for two years.  My goal is to bring insight on how to improve and grow Extraordinary Education through my various experiences in all school realms.

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