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Extraordinary Education offers dual credit classes through a partnership with Christian Halls International. Selected courses will be offered on site at the EE campus with a live instructor or tutor/facilitator with credit awarded by a partner university such as LeTourneau. Our partnership with Christian Halls allows EE students to access a wide variety of college credit classes both in person and online. Your student can even earn a full degree through Christian Halls.



The Woodlands Christian Hall exists to impact the North Houston area through Christ-centered, interdisciplinary education that is local, affordable, and transformative. 


LeTourneau University (LetU) is the CHRISTIAN POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY.  The main campus is located in Longview, Texas.

Claiming every workplace in every nation as their mission field, LeTourneau University graduates are professionals of ingenuity and Christlike character who see life's work as a holy calling with eternal impact.

Who can take dual credit classes through LeTourneau University?

Students of any age may enroll as long as they have a 3.0 GPA. No specific placement testing is required by LetU, but screening is done by Christian Halls to ensure student success.  Because dual credit classes are college courses, most EE students who take these classes are in their middle to upper teens, able to meet the demands of college-level work.

How do I register for dual credit classes?

What are some benefits of taking dual credit courses through LeTourneau University?

  • Courses taught from a distinctly Christian worldview

  • Instructors/tutors must meet LeTourneau University, Christian Halls and EE required standards.

  • Opportunity to ask questions and work through assignments with a live tutor/professor

  • Opportunity to discuss coursework and readings in person with classmates

  • Opportunity to work through the college's online systems and software with the support of a trained tutor

  • Low student-teacher ratio 

  • Classmates of similar age

  • College credit from an accredited university 

  • Opportunity to qualify for a significant scholarship to LeTourneau University

  • Ability to complete general academic coursework prior to graduation at a substantially lower tuition rate.


  • Tuition Fee ($100/credit hour - payable to Christian Halls) 

  • Facility Fee (varies based on face-to-face meeting hours - payable to EE) 

  • EE Registration Fee (due to EE annually, upon registration for first class or activity)

  • Supply/Technology Fees (vary based on class - payable to EE)

  • Books (varies by class)


Students passing a LetU dual credit course are eligible for a dual credit scholarship opportunity. The LeTourneau University Dual Credit Scholarship offers $17,000 PER YEAR for up to 4 years to students who take and pass one LetU dual credit class!



On occasion, EE has offered dual credit courses through Lone Star College. Because Lone Star College designates EE as a private school, EE must collect tuition for these classes and pay our instructors directly. Because of this, EE is unable to offer the "free tuition" option available for classes taken on the Lone Star campus.

Who can take dual credit classes through Lone Star College?

Students of any age may enroll as long as they pass the Lone Star placement test for the specific class.

How do I register for Lone Star College dual credit classes?

  • Attend a Dual Credit Information Meeting with an EE counselor.

  • Complete Lone Star application. 

  • Take placement test after Lone Star application (no cost for first time dual credit students)

  • Based on student placement testing, registration and class enrollment must be completed with the LSC MONTGOMERY Dual Credit Advisor at the LSC MONTGOMERY CAMPUS.

  • ALSO register on the EE ClassJuggler system for the EE on-site class(es) desired.

  • Turn in paperwork and STUDENT TRANSCRIPT to the EE office for processing.

  • Pay fees when class enrollment is approved.


Lone Star College Fees:

Lone Star Registration Fees (due to Lone Star)

Extraordinary Education Fees:

EE Registration Fee (due to EE annually, upon registration for for first class or activity)
Class Tuition Fees (vary based on class hours)
Class Supply Fees (vary based on class)
Books (cost varies by class)

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