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Class Placement

At Extraordinary Education, we believe students do best when they are placed at an appropriate instructional level.  If a child has not developed the skills necessary to succeed in a particular class, frustration and discouragement can build up, causing stress and potential problems in the classroom and at home.  We want to work with you to set your child up for success, and one way to do this is to determine your child's readiness prior to enrollment.  


We recognize that many different methods can be used to evaluate whether a student is ready for a particular class, so we offer several placement options. Students who stay in our program from year to year must have a recommendation from their previous teachers. Students who are new to our program may require more evaluation. Sometimes we even find that we need to move a child from one class to another after the school year starts.


All of our math courses above 5th grade require a teacher-designed placement test. Certain other courses require a writing sample. If you are transitioning from public or private school to EE classes, your child's most recent report card will help us determine the best place to start.  Standardized tests can also offer guidance when considering a particular core course or grade level. Other placement testing may also be appropriate. We also offer individualized options including portfolio assessments.  


Please let us know if you want us to consider another type of evaluation not listed here, and we'll work with you to place your child in the appropriate class.  




Learning Fun (K/1)

Learning Friends (3rd-5th)

Personal meeting with instructor.

Contact information is shown in the class description.


Math:  Grade levels 3, 4, 5

- Math level at or above 50th percentile for grade level of class OR portfolio assessment.

Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2

- Teacher-designed test, taken in person at the EE campus.


Chemistry, Physics

- Teacher-designed math test, taken in person at the EE campus. 


All Other Classes:

Language Arts, English, Literature and Writing classes

History, Geography, Social Studies and Worldview classes

Science Classes

Foreign Language Classes

Requirements and/or prerequisites are listed in class description.

Requirements may include:

- Writing Sample - Short essay provided directly to the teacher.

- Reading & Grammar level at or above 50th percentile for grade level of class.

- Appropriate Math level



We accept results from any standardized test.  If your child is unable to test with one of the options below, or you believe standardized testing is not the appropriate method to determine your child's readiness, you may request an individualized assessment. A testing fee is charged for this service.


Stanford Achievement Test

Stanford 10 Online - Abeka

Testing for grades 3 - 12


Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) 

This test is offered by some local homeschool groups.


California Achievement Test (CAT) 

Test online at Academic Excellence:

Test online at Christian Liberty:  


Diagnostic Online Reading Assessment (DORA)

Test online at Let's Go Learn:  


ADAM (Adaptive, Diagnostic Assessment of Mathematics)

Testing for grades K-7

Test online at Let's Go Learn:   


Diagnostic Online Math Assessment (DOMA)

Pre-Algebra and Algebra testing

Test online at Let's Go Learn: 


Diagnostic Prescriptive Assessment 


The Diagnostic Grade Placement Screening 


KidTEST Online Assessment and Achievement Tests


STAAR Test and STAAR "End of Course" tests

Usually administered at public schools

Standardized test results must be no older than 12 months for placement testing purposes.  Students who will be taking a test in May with another local homeschool group may enroll in classes on a tentative basis as long as results are provided to EE as soon as they are received. If results indicate that a student is not ready for the class(es) in which he/she is enrolled, parents have the option to move their child to an appropriate class level or withdraw.  In cases where testing shows a student is not ready, prepaid tuition and supply fees are refundable. REGISTRATION FEES are NOT refundable.



Teacher Designed tests  Fees include payment for both a proctor to supervise your child during the test and an instructor to evaluate the test results. Teacher designed tests are $60 per subject (Math, Reading/Grammar).


Portfolio Assessment  Standard Portfolio evaluation is $35/hour. The total cost will depend on subjects reviewed as well and the extent of your child's portfolio. 


Dates for specific individualized assessments are available throughout the spring and summer.

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