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NOTE: Before you can login to ClassJuggler to complete your class registrations you must first create a family account. Simply select the I am a new customer link on the sign-in screen to set up a new customer account.
1. Click the blue link above that says: "Log in to my ClassJuggler account" near the top of the page.
2. Enter your email address. (Use the one you gave on your paperwork when you registered.)
* NOTE: Your registered email address is the one you used to register or the one to which your temporary password info was sent following registration. If you did not get a password message, then either you do not have a currently enrolled student, your email address on file is incorrect, or you have your spam filter software blocking messages from the EE office staff. 
(Please set up your email and spam filters to allow email from )
3. Enter your password.
** NOTE: If you have never logged in before, you were automatically issued a temporary password. It was emailed to you following registration. This password is good for ONE TIME USE ONLY. It will expire immediately as soon as you log in with it. You must enter a new password at that point - hopefully one that you can remember. You must first enter the temporary password that was emailed to you, and then enter your own new password that you select.
4. Click the "Sign in" button.
5. Once you are logged in, click the "Online Shopping" link at the top of the page. Then click the box that says "Shop for Classes" with the cute little picture of the guy with shopping bags.
6. You can browse classes by day/time or by typing part of the class title in the search box. When you see a class you want, you can click the word "info" (link) on the right-hand end of the row to read the class description OR you can click the words "add to cart" (link) at the end of the row to add the class to your shopping cart. If you are on a Class Info page you can still select the "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of the screen if you want to select that class.
7. If you have more than one child, you will need to select the child from the drop-down box at the top of the "Add to Cart" screen. Then scroll down and select the button that says: "Yes, add this class to my cart"
8. When you are done filling your shopping cart, select the link in the top right-hand corner that says "My Shopping Cart" and in small letters "click here to checkout"
9. Review your choices and then click the "Checkout" button at the bottom of the list to submit your class choices.
If you still want to select more classes, click the button that says: "Return me to the main shopping page" 
PLEASE NOTE: You MUST complete the "Check Out" process in order for your class selections to be submitted to the Registrar. We have NO record of the classes in your Shopping Cart until you "Check Out."
10. While you are logged in, please review and update your contact information, student information (birth dates, grade level, etc.), secondary contacts, medical info, and any other important data.
11. When you are done with everything, click the "Sign Out" link in the top right-hand corner of the page. Your class selections will be in a pending status until an administrator approves the enrollment. You WILL NOT pay for your classes at this time. Once the registrations are appoved, you will receive an email confirmation. After you recieve the confirmation you may log back in to make a payment.
12. If you decide to add more classes later or forgot any classes, you can just sign back in and "shop" for them the same way.
13. You can review all recent class "orders" from your account. If you need to change classes or drop previously selected classes, you will need to submit an ONLINE drop/add request form. There is not a way to drop classes from within your ClassJuggler account at this point.

Contact with any questions, you will receive as soon as possible.

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