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We cannot exercise our liberties without demonstrating our responsibilities.

Chad Hall


Current Classes





I have ten years of teaching experience, seven of which have been at Extraordinary Education.  I have taught Algebra 1, Government and Economics, Exceed Academy, Physics, US History, and World History.  


Bachelor's Degree

University of North Texas, Denton     

Bachelor of Arts in Social Science

Minor: Secondary Education


Social Studies Composite 8-12 (inactive)

ESL endorsement (inactive)

Fun Fact(s)

Students know me by my love of cupcakes.


My upbringing included a K-12 tour of most of the US, including stops on both coasts and on the High Plains.  It was definitely a lesson in adaptation and flexibility!  I was born in 1983 and am not in cultural agreement with most of my generation.  My parents raised me to appreciate the value of hard work and to associate our liberties with the exercise of our responsibility.  I am married with one daughter, a dachshund, and spend my time gaming, shooting, cartridge reloading and constantly improving my life through reading.  My journey is to know the Lord better and to show Him that I understand what He wants me do to with everything He has given me!  This affects all aspects of who I am and who I desire to become.  Finally, I believe communicating a love of literacy and a passion for learning is our future!

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