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Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.    - Albert Einstein

Elise Eaton


Current Classes





I have taught a wide variety of classes at EE since 2006 including core subjects such as math, science, language arts and history and enrichment classes and camps such as website design, handcrafts, Lego engineering, robotics and Spanish. In addition, I have coached many of our EE teams including PSIA, EARLY Lego Robotics, Future City, BEST Robotics and Mock Trial. I also taught bilingual classes at public school (1st-4th grades) for over 10 years before we started homeschooling.


Bachelor's Degree

Houston Baptist University                Bachelor of Arts

                                                  Majors: Elementary Education and Bilingual Education

                                                  Minor: Spanish


Elementary Education, Bilingual Education, ESL Endorsement

Fun Fact(s)

I taught piano lessons and played at churches during high school and college for spending money. 


I grew up in the Houston area, graduated from Pasadena High School and went on to Houston Baptist University. I have always been involved in various church ministries and volunteer efforts, and I also love teaching. Not surprisingly, I could not resist the urge to teach homeschool classes and even started a couple of co-ops after we started homeschooling. Things just sort of mushroomed from there! My favorite classes to teach are math and science, but I enjoy pretty much every subject in some way. I am also passionate about getting kids involved in extracurricular activities and competitions because I have seen how much they contribute to a child's overall education. Real life projects, volunteer activities, competitions and enrichment classes help integrate and solidify learning from many different areas. They also help kids discover and develop their talents beyond the academic subjects.

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