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  • Is Extraordinary Education a school?
    Not exactly. Extraordinary Education offers a wide variety of classes, both core and enrichment, taught by dedicated, qualified teachers, Monday through Friday. In that sense, we're a lot like a traditional school. We're different in the way we partner with you. We believe parents are the primary educators of their children. As such, we recognize that you are responsible for your child's education. You select the classes. You set the schedule. You decide how much time outside of class is dedicated to each subject. We love homeschool families, and we support you in your decision to homeschool, so our teachers come along side your family to help with your child's education. We make the most of the time we have to teach your child, knowing that time in class is just one piece of the puzzle. The rest is made up of time at home, students and parents, working on assignments, going over concepts, and mastering subjects. We're not just educators; many of us are parents who also chose to homeschool. We understand, and we're here to help.
  • Do I have to enroll my child for the full day?
    No, you do not have to enroll in any specific number of classes.
  • How does the Extraordinary Education program work?
    As a cooperative program, we offer a wide variety of subjects, core classes, electives and enrichment topics to help you educate your child. Need help with just one subject? We can help you with that. Taking care of core classes at home, but need help with foreign language, art, guitar, or another elective? You've come to the right place. Looking for a option that includes core subjects plus electives, and full days on campus more like traditional school, with lunch and chapel? We offer that, too. Our goal is to partner with you for the benefit of your child. We work on a schedule that might remind you of college. Class meets one to two days per week, with instruction lasting from one to two hours per class. So, if you sign up for a core math or science class, you might meet on Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs for 85 minutes per class. If you sign up for an elective or enrichment class, you might meet only one day per week. Depending on the subject, class times range from 30 minutes to almost two hours. Of course, mastering a subject takes more than just classroom time. Additional reading, assignments, practice and projects should be completed at home. Usually, work done at home is turned in the following class period, unless the teacher has given other instructions. One of the benefits of EE is that our college-like program helps college-bound students get accustomed to going to class, managing their time, and being responsible for completing assignments on their own time in a manner that will be expected of them when they graduate to a college campus. During class time, our teachers instruct, explain concepts, and guide students in practice. They also lead class discussions, hands-on learning, labs, group-based activities and games designed to help students grasp the concepts. Upon course completion, teachers may issue a report card or a certificate of completion based on their assessment of each student's classwork. Extraordinary Education does not keep ongoing records of grades earned, certificates awarded or classes completed. We do not issue transcripts. We recognize and respect your role in your child's education, including any record-keeping you deem necessary. We also respect your prerogative to adjust any grade issued on a report, report card, or certificate based on your knowledge of your child, your observations during home instruction, and any factors we may not be aware of, or may not have taken into account.
  • How much volunteer time is expected of parents?
    We do not have mandatory volunteer hours. That said, we rely heavily on volunteer support, and we appreciate whatever time you can offer. We've been blessed with a number of dedicated parents who pitch in to help out. There are always ways to volunteer: setting-up the lunchroom, wiping down tables, straightening the library, hauling out the trash each week, being an extra set of eyes on the playground, supervising students as they walk across campus, and many others. Some of our families "adopt a chore" and complete it together. It's a way to serve the homeschool community. Life happens, and sometimes a volunteer has to be absent. Don't let that keep you from pitching in! If you're going to be absent, we ask you to find a substitute volunteer to complete your chore. For a full explanation of our Membership philosophy, please read the Membership page.
  • Do you offer any tuition discounts?
    Co-op staff positions are available for those families in need of a tuition discount. For further information, (ADD LINK TO APPLICATION)
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