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It is commonly thought that you are either born with creative and artistic abilities or you are not. It is my belief that all people are Creative by God's Design.

Linda Marie


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I Love God, People and Creativity. After College I moved to Southern California to build a dream with that Love. In 1984, I opened Art a la Carte Learning Center.  My desire was to teach creativity as a language. That dream came to life and the results were far beyond my wildest expectations. For fifteen years I watched hundreds of students develop their creative and artistic gifts. I also wrote and published my own drawing curriculum called "The Beginning of Creativity". It is a right brain approach to creative drawing skills based on the seven days of creation. Since then, I have been on a wonderful adventure. Raising my own children, teaching in various places, painting, and writing.

I Believe in the power of the Holy Spirit!  My life has been changed by God, enriched by the people He has sent, and moved by Creativity. I am Blessed!

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