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Mock Trial


Does your high school student enjoy "hands on learning" with projects and real life application? Does your student have an interest in drama or debate? Join our Mock Trial team as we explore the American Legal System by participating as an attorney and/or witness in a civil case. Looks great on college applications as an extracurricular activity!

This event is sponsored by the Dallas Bar Association and more details can be learned here:

The Extraordinary Education Mock Trial Team participated in the Huntsville Region VI Competition for the first time in 2012. The EE team won FIRST PLACE at the regional competition, and were then qualified to attend the State Tournament in Dallas. The team has since participated in the Region VI Competition many times and has taken FIRST PLACE and advanced to the State Tournament each year the team has competed. Many EE students have also been recognized as "Outstanding Advocate" and "Outstanding Witness" at the Regional and State Contest each year.

The EE Mock Trial team is looking for members to serve as "attorneys" and "witnesses" as well as timers and clerks. Team members must be high school age.


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