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I am committed to instilling the love of learning in those I teach by making lessons fun and accessible -- and to helping students build their self-esteem and confidence along the way!



Current Classes





I have taught for 31 years.  I have been an instructor at Extraordinary Education since 2007.  Classes I have instructed include: Write On! (English), English 2, English 3, The Science of Wellness, US History (HS), World History (HS), Mind Body Medicine, Speech, Improv, Theater Arts, Small Business Management, Earth and Space Science, Life Science, Small Business Management, The Biology of Believers, JH English, Middle School English, Texas History, etc., etc. etc. !!!!


Bachelor's Degree


with Minors in English and Management


Master's Degree

Health Education, with specializations in Exercise Physiology and in Stress Management


I have completed additional college hours in Education to be certified as a teacher.

Teaching: 6 -12 in English, Health, and PE; 9-12 in Psychology, Nutrition;  Master teacher certification in various dance and exercise fields (including Ballroom, Latin, Spinning, Step, Yoga, Zumba, etc.) 

Fun Fact(s)

I love to teach, dance, exercise, read, write, travel, plan, organize, create, spend time in nature, meet new people, catch-up with old friends, etc. -- all of which lead to lots of fun adventures!  Also, looking at flowering bushes, plants, and trees in any landscape makes me happy!!!!


I began teaching in my teen years (VBS, Swimming lessons, etc.) and have taught in some capacity (Public School, Private School, Homeschools, Corporate settings, various businesses that I've owned, Community Colleges, Texas A& M, seminars, for the US Navy and Marines, etc.) ever since then.  I have lived in several countries outside of the USA as well as have traveled extensively (and taken many, many people with me!).  I believe that one of my missions in this life is to expose others to different cultures around the world so that we can all experience firsthand the fact that people, in general, have more in common with each other than they do differences.  I believe that understanding this will help us all move one step closer to the peace, love, and connection that God desires for us all.  

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