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Whatsoever a man has been obliged to learn upon his own leaves a path in his mind that he can return to when the need arises - Issac Newton

Robert Brayton


Current Classes

2018-19 School Year




I have 15 total years of teaching, including the following: 

Architectural photography (Professional Photographers of America), astrophotography (Houston Astronomical Society), aerial photography (Civil Air Patrol) in 2017-18.  I have also taught Introduction to music, computer programming, robotics, woodworking, creation science over the past 15 years. 


Photographic Craftsman (2019)

Certified Professional Photographer

Fun Fact(s)

I am a second generation commercial photographer.  I sold my first photograph at age 11.


Married to Pam in 1985, four homeschooled children, now grown, have given us six grandsons.  Reborn in Christ in 1967, disciple primarily of John MacArthur, attend Grace Community Bible Church.  Volunteer astronomer with Insperity Observatory, Major in the Civil Air Patrol (U.S. Air Force auxiliary), member of Mensa.  Was a computer engineer for 25 years, now own a commercial photography studio, and previously owned custom furniture shop.

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