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My passion is making sure that my students know the basics of the Christian faith and how to defend it to everyone they encounter with confidence, gentleness, and respect.

Ted Cox


Current Classes






I have been an instructor at Extraordinary Education for five years, teaching Starting Points, Worldviews, Dual Credit: Bible (LeTourneau) and Chapel.  In addition, I teach religion classes at Lone Star College through their Lifelong Learning program.  I have been a guest teacher in many area churches over the past ten years, and I have served as a pastor proclaiming the Gospel and teaching people the basics of the Christian faith.  


Master's Degree

Dallas Theological Seminary      Master's of Theology      2015

Bachelor's Degree

University of South Carolina      BS, Marketing and Management Science    1987

Adjunct Professor: LeTourneau University  

Instructor: LoneStar College, ALL Program 

Fun Fact(s)

I have run 29 marathons.  Love good coffee.  Enjoy talking about SEC football.  Love going to {good} movies, and I've been known to quote from The Princess Bride, Marvel movies, and Elf.  


I spent over 25 years in the technology world prior to being called into ministry.  I have one Master's Degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, and I am working on completing a second, after which I hope to pursue a Doctorate.  I have served as a pastor of two churches, a guest teacher at several others, and a teacher and chapel pastor at Extraordinary Education.  At the university level, I am an Adjunct Professor at LeTourneau University, through which I teach dual credit classes at EE.  I also teach classes for adults 50+ at LoneStar College.  I have noticed an alarming trend among professing Christians: a lack of knowledge about both the basics of the Christian faith and the beliefs of other world religions.  Among students, I have observed a lack of readiness to face the opposing worldviews they can expect to encounter at college, as well as a need for instruction about how to perform sound research and produce well-written papers.  My greatest desire is to see people rooted and grounded in the love of Christ. These concerns prompted me to write the course "Survive College With Your Faith Intact," which will be offered in the 2018-19 school year and online as "Worldviews: How NOT to lose your faith during college."  I've been married for 29 years, and our teenage son is a student at EE.  

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